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Diagnostics/Health Levels/Linguistics/Rage Bounce

Fuck White-Wolf. White-Wolf is Clownshoes.

Read "Diagnosis" (LotW:R P.71) as "Diagnostics" as per LotW:R P.141.

Things like this are why I am almost completely overhauling the LARP system. another example, LotW:2 P.53 Second Bullet. (Thank you Berardi)

Health Levels will probably be Thus...

o Healthy
o Bruised 1 (WP: Bid an extra Trait)
o Bruised 2 (WP: Bid an extra Trait)
o Bruised 3 (WP: Bid an extra Trait)
o Wounded (WP: Lose on Ties and Bid an extra Trait)
o Incapacitated/Mortally Wounded (Inaccessible to Mundane Characters)
o Dead

Spend 1 Willpower to Completely Negate all "Wound Penalties" for one Round.

For Bruised: Extra Traits from other Bruised Levels do NOT stack.

For Incap/Mort...
You may not act unless you Spend Willpower to ignore this "Wound Penalty".
If not brought back to Wounded before Combat is Resolved, make a Simple Challenge. A loss means you lose Incap/Mort and are Dead.
If not brought back to Wounded within 1 Scene of Combat being Resolved, you lose Incap/Mort and are Dead.

"Rage Bounce" Rules: Burn 1 Rage when lower than Wounded, Gain 1 Level. Resolution is instantaneous. Example: Bob is at Wounded and loses a Test. Bob recieves 3 Damage (Claws+Razor Claws+Rage). Bob would have to spend 1 Rage to remain Dead, 2 Rage to jump to Mort/Incap and 3 to leap to Wounded and stand fighting.
Maximum of up to and including Wounded.
Once per Scene.
Thrice per Session.

For Dead...
Dead is Dead. Unless you "Rage Bounce" immediately at this Level, your Character dies.

LotW:R P.187
LotW:2 P.162

Linguistics (because I can)

Linguistics is not an Ability. Linguistics is a Background.
Wolf-Communcation is a Mundane Language
All Garou know Garou (language).
Kinfolk must spend 1 XP to know Garou (language).
Mundanes may not learn Garou.

0 Traits = Wolf-Communication or English (some other languages with special approval)
1 Trait = 2 common Mundane Languages (some country has each as their primary)
2 Traits = 4 Mundane Languages
3 Traits = 8 Mundane Languages
4 Traits = 16 Mundane Languages
Can Decipher Mundane Languages Similar to Languages she already possesses.
5 Traits = 32 Mundane Languages
Can Decipher All Mundane Languages With a Static Mental Test against 8 Traits (Retest with Enigmas)

Knowing a Supernatural Language which is not of your Type (Garou) requires an expenditure of 3 Traits. Vampire, Fera, or otherwise. You must also have a teacher. You cannot take these at Character Creation.

You may Burn 1 Linguistics and make a Simple Test to get a Retest for the Purpose of Deciphering a Language.

Example: Bob has Linguistics 3 and is playing a Homid. After Bob picks his appropriate languages, Bob can speak
0 traits: English, Garou
1 trait: French, German
2 traits: Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Tolkien's Entish
3 traits: Latin, Kiswahili, Cherokee, Portugese, Aramaic, Flegmish, American Sign-Language, Farsi
...Bob cannot converse with Wolves, but can converse with Quite a good number of nerds as well as most of europe.
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