Story Teller (rage_in_ny) wrote in ra_in_n,
Story Teller

XP gain

Attendance = 1 XP

Write Up**** = 1 XP

Doughnuts* = 1 XP

Exceptional Roleplay = 1 XP

Exceptional Costuming = 1 XP

Exceptional Setup** or Cleanup*** = 1 XP

Sublarp = 1 XP

XP cap per game = 3 XP
XP cap per month = 7 XP

* Pie, Babies, Porno, Large tubs of Tribe Hummus for ST, and Klondike Bars apply.
** Contacting authorities for space availability.
*** Burning down Game Site non-applicable.
**** Writeups must be sent to by the Friday between games. If not, too bad. The ST and staff have a life.
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