Story Teller (rage_in_ny) wrote in ra_in_n,
Story Teller


the basic layout of NY state...

Buffalo - Vampire
Syracuse - Possibly Vampire... only rumours thus far.
Rochester - Neutral
NYC - Vampire
Oswego - Wierd Humans... possibly magical
Geneseo - vague rumours of vampires... vague but believeable
Niagara Falls - Faerie

Pennsylvannia: no known caerns
Ohio: Bone Gnawer/Glasswalker Caern in Cincinati & rumours of a BSD caern in Toledo
Vermont: Mountain Caern in Rutland filled with Get and Fiann and Pure Ones
Maine: no known caerns though rumours of crab/fish people coming out of the coves
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yay! Rochester is mine, all mine! Err, ours? Um, nevermind, you're all welcome to share... *grins and limps off to hide*
there are more than one Gnawers in this city. and... other things.
*grins* I was playing, 'Gene. I know there are other 'Gnawer(s). :-P
What moronic vampires have claimed Geneseo? What do they do every night, go to Denny's? *shakes head* They can have it, but they won't like it...
keep in mind colin... World of Darkness Geneseo is vastly and in all ways superior to Colin's Geneseo.

And, yes. They hang out at Denny's. Honestly. I am not even remotely joking.
*snort giggle chortle*