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Static Tests, Some Combat Stuff

Static Tests are against the following traits Unless otherwise noted...

for a Rank 1 Gift: against 5 traits
for a Rank 2 Gift: against 7 traits
for a Rank 3 Gift: against 8 traits
for a Rank 4 Gift: against 9 traits
for a Rank 5 Gift: against 10 traits
for a Rank 6 Gift: against 11 traits

for a Basic Rite: against 6 traits
for a Intermediate Rite: against 8 traits
for a Advanced Rite: against 9 traits
for a Legendary Rite: against 10 traits

(up for debate and general discussion)


Old Combat Rules - Revision coming soon...

ST Note: Pick this apart to all hell.

The benefit of "Unoposed Range" is that it is unoposed.

Sniping is a specialization in the ability firearms... it is not a god-kill.

Called shots must be agreed upon by the participants in a challenge.

An Incapacitated Character Relents on all Combat Challenges.

A coup-de-grace is a simple test which is your action.

Point Blank reads as per the rules for High Calibur on page 194 of Purple Book. A person using a firearm in brawl range may make a simple test to deal an extra damage.

Keep in mind how much ammo a gun can hold. If you are wielding a Six shooter, You reload the seventh round.

Innate Combat Retests are as follows:
+Surprise: as per page 168 in Red Book and page 198 in Purple Book.
+Attack of opportunity: "stabbing someone in the back" Basically, if your back is turned to someone, you are less capable of defending yourself.

Specialization Retests are a different Retest from ability Retests.

Bob is a trained Sniper. Bob has Firearms x4. Bob has Firearms Specialization: Sniping x2. Bob's player elects then declares OOC "Bob will be sniping Carl's back from yonder roof." Bob's player then throws a Challenge against Carl's Player. Should Bob's Player lose the Challenge, Bob's Player may Retest with Firearms, Sniping, Attack-of-Opportunity and Surprise in that order.

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