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Rage in New York

...soon to be a Werewolf LARP

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This is a community for a Werewolf LARP which is being built. Select members may post. Anyone can be a member. Commenting on posts does not require joining.

Book List

Core Book: Laws of the Wild: Revised
ISBN 1-58846-505-5
WW 5026
Referenced as: Purple Book, LotW:R, Revised, Rev
Additional Text: Laws of the Wild: Second Edition
ISBN 1-56504-508-4
WW 5007
Referenced as: Red Book, LotW:2, 2nd Ed
Setting: Project Twilight
ISBN 1-56504-310-3
WW 3064
Additional Combat Rules: Faith and Fire
ISBN 1-58846-517-9
WW 5038

Map of "North Huron, NY"