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the rules of the game

for better or worse, combat is combat. gruesome, bad, and terrible... losing or winning.

Lots of people dislike RPS as a combat system, or even as a system at all. They tend to disregard it as non-complex.

The problem with that statement is that it is both true and misleading.

True, it is really base and easy to cheese out. True, it is easy to teach someone to do it.

Honestly, how many people roll D10s when they are young? And how many play RPS?

Talking pure statistics, MET challenges are just as fair at determining an abstract combat as most any WoD D10 rolling. I did not say accurate or apt... merely fair.

It is with that, I present to you (possibly in segments) MET challenges starting with the most basic definitions and working up.

I will be using 3 books for this.
Laws of the Wild: Revised (the core of rainn)
Laws of the Wild: Second Edition (most comfortable for me)
Faith and Fire (most comprehensive)

And the very first in this series of corrections to misunderstandings is the definition for a "Test".

A test is a game of rock-paper-scissors between two people in order to determine an outcome. The only complication of a test, is what happens in the event of a tie. Which is irrelevant to this definition.
LotW:R 167
LotW:2 160
FaF 226

"Traits" are a large chunk of what a character is and does.

An Attribute Trait is an adjective which describes a character.
LotW:R 166
LotW:2 158
FaF 224
This is usually reflected by an expenditure of one XP on a Trait Category (Phys, Soc, Ment) and a decision as to which adjective fits the character best in relation to any previously select.
LotW:R 173
There can be multiple occurances of an adjective.
FaF 84
LotW:2 36 be Continued!
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