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Pack Totem ideas

Given that gifts learnable through the Personal Totem background are doublecosted (understandable, given that most people are going to grab out of tribe totems, myself included), I feel that the background should also give a little more oomph to be useful. Since the Totems have other abilities (and bans), it's fair to venture that the garou possessing of such a background ought to slowly gain these benefits (and restrictions). Something like this...

• You can learn up to rank 1 gifts that the totem can teach, and suffer from the spirit's ban.
•• You can learn up to rank 2 gifts that the totem can teach, and gain one of the spirit's benefits.
••• All gifts, to a limit of your renown, two benefits
•••• Three benefits
••••• All Totem benefits, can call upon the spirit's aid in dire circumstances.

For example, lets make a projection of my character Pack in the Box, a Black Fury metis Galliard, who has a personal connection to Dana, as represented by the Personal Totem background.

• At rank 1, Pack can learn rank one gifts that Dana can teach, such as Persuasion (for example), in addition, he must see to it that a moot is held in Dana's honor on the equinoxes and solstices.
•• Pack can now learn up to Rank 2 gifts that Dana is capable of teaching, such as Awe. Pack can also count on Fianna and fae that he may encounter recognizing and honoring him (a rare boon for a lowly metis)
••• Pack is now capable of learning any gift that Dana is willing to teach, provided that he has enough Renown to learn them. Pack also gains the ability to entrance those who listen to him play his pipes or howl at the moon (Social Test, Performance retest)
•••• At this level, Pack can tap into the extensive knowledge and lore that Dana possesses. His effective Ancestors rating increases by three.
••••• Pack can now benefit from the gift Pulse of the Invisible. In addition, when his need is great, he may call upon Dana for aid and expect (within reason) to receive it.

At character creation, no character may have a Personal Totem rating higher than three. It takes a good deal of experience and connectivity with the spirits (the sort that only roleplaying can provide) to gain such favor from a spirit. </>
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