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Rage in New York

Friday, July 8, 2005


I will be running a Werewolf game. It will be Rage in NY.

Building 6 of RIT in the basement like usual.
Friday, July 22, 2005... 8PM game start. I will be showing up at 7 like a proper ST and there will be Character Creation.

The rules for Character Creation being posted soon.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

1:01PM - The Rules of the Game: Part Three

Challenges and Testing

These rules will be pulled from Laws of the Wild: Revised, Page 166 (Rev) when applicable, and Laws of the Wild: Second Edition, Page 157 (2nd) if necessary. If a ruling is not found in either, the default book pulled from will be Faith and Fire, Page 224, as it has the most comprehensive MET LARP rules printed by White Wolf Games. (http://www.white-wolf.com)

Without further ADO, here are the definitions

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The Order of a Challenge

Declare Win Condition (if you want your character to not get kicked in the junk, you have to say so)
Offender Declares Risked Attributes (if not, there is no challenge. they try to do something and fail)
Defender Declares Guessed Negs (it is possible to skip this step)
Defender Declares Risked Attributes (if not, the offender wins.)
Offender Declares Guessed Negs (it is possible to skip this step)
Test (RPS)
If Tie: Offender then Defender Declares Current Traits (if both the same, draw goes to defender)
Loser Declares Retests (based on overbid, ability, or power, note: power retests are the last retests)
Winner Conterburns (only applicable for abilities)
Test (RPS)
If Tie: Offender then Defender Declares Current Traits (if both the same, draw goes to defender)

8:32AM - rules of the game: part two

attribute traits continued...

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Ability Traits

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Background Traits

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Rage Gnosis and Willpower all cost 3 XP. Character Creation or otherwise... 3 XP.
LotW:R 173

Wow... I could keep going with this, however... it is time to detail tests and challenges.

Next post soon to come!

Negative Traits (negs): Negs are applicable to a Challenge because if one is guessed correctly at the onset of a Challenge, a Player must Risk an additional Trait for each Neg guessed correctly. Conversely, if a Neg is guessed incorrectly, the person guessing need Risk an additional Trait for each guessed. If either Player does not have the Trait to Risk after the determining of validity of the negs, they immediately lose the Challenge.
FaF 228

(...and now for the version of Negative Traits that makes little sense.)
Negs are applicable to a Challenge because if one is guessed correctly at the onset of a Challenge, a Player must Risk an additional Trait for each Neg guessed correctly. Conversely, if a Neg is guessed incorrectly, the person guessing need Risk an additional Trait for each guessed. If either Player does not have a Trait to Risk, the player who did not have the trait grants the other player an X trait bonus for each trait they lack.
LotW:R 168
LotW:2 160

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

5:24AM - the rules of the game

for better or worse, combat is combat. gruesome, bad, and terrible... losing or winning.

Lots of people dislike RPS as a combat system, or even as a system at all. They tend to disregard it as non-complex.

The problem with that statement is that it is both true and misleading.

True, it is really base and easy to cheese out. True, it is easy to teach someone to do it.

Honestly, how many people roll D10s when they are young? And how many play RPS?

Talking pure statistics, MET challenges are just as fair at determining an abstract combat as most any WoD D10 rolling. I did not say accurate or apt... merely fair.

It is with that, I present to you (possibly in segments) MET challenges starting with the most basic definitions and working up.

I will be using 3 books for this.
Laws of the Wild: Revised (the core of rainn)
Laws of the Wild: Second Edition (most comfortable for me)
Faith and Fire (most comprehensive)

And the very first in this series of corrections to misunderstandings is the definition for a "Test".

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"Traits" are a large chunk of what a character is and does.

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...to be Continued!


the importance of citing page numbers..

it seems irrelevant to most people, but for me, citation is relevant because without it, there is no way to prove that one has read a book.

next to all powers new to you, you should have a page number and a book name so that when the players or ST ask you... you can simply pull out a book and flip to a page and then point to a paragraph where the power is detailed... thus ending 3 hour discussions on powers.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

2:29AM - Staff

The Staff for Rainn thus far...

Biggs - Spirit Nararrator (Definite)
Colin - Rumours Bitch (Definite)
Berardi - Combat Nararrator (Tentative)
Eugene - Story Teller (wehkasjfklasjfuiw)
'lissa - Printing/Editing Assistant (Tentative)

Jobs unfilled thus far include, but are not limited to...

Asprin Inscriber
Porno Provider
War Monger
"Official" RWAG rep
Butt Kisser
Some other filler Job
(did I mention) "Official" RWAG rep

2:15AM - XP gain

Attendance = 1 XP

Write Up**** = 1 XP

Doughnuts* = 1 XP

Exceptional Roleplay = 1 XP

Exceptional Costuming = 1 XP

Exceptional Setup** or Cleanup*** = 1 XP

Sublarp = 1 XP

XP cap per game = 3 XP
XP cap per month = 7 XP

* Pie, Babies, Porno, Large tubs of Tribe Hummus for ST, and Klondike Bars apply.
** Contacting authorities for space availability.
*** Burning down Game Site non-applicable.
**** Writeups must be sent to keeblerx@freeshell.org by the Friday between games. If not, too bad. The ST and staff have a life.

Friday, March 18, 2005


Special 'Thank you's go out to Jill and Steve. Food and Hosting are both good things.

Thank you to my players so far. Your patience is appreciated.

I have made the projection in passing.

Three months or less till Rainn.

Send me a *.gex or *.txt version of your character sheets soon.

If you still want in for Prelude goodness, you have a few other chances. The Cleansing the Bawn and Caern Rite things are happening in the next two weeks. but feel free to have your character obfusca... I mean Blurred/Blissed. Or just Late. *snickers*

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

12:54PM - Territories

the basic layout of NY state...

Buffalo - Vampire
Syracuse - Possibly Vampire... only rumours thus far.
Rochester - Neutral
NYC - Vampire
Oswego - Wierd Humans... possibly magical
Geneseo - vague rumours of vampires... vague but believeable
Niagara Falls - Faerie

Pennsylvannia: no known caerns
Ohio: Bone Gnawer/Glasswalker Caern in Cincinati & rumours of a BSD caern in Toledo
Vermont: Mountain Caern in Rutland filled with Get and Fiann and Pure Ones
Maine: no known caerns though rumours of crab/fish people coming out of the coves

Monday, March 14, 2005



I have seen things run where either
a) the Storyteller says "there's something you should maybe notice. Give me an awareness/.investigation/primalurge/etc. test"
b) the storyteller says nothing unless the player asks for a test.

Which is going to be the norm for Rainn?

Current mood: curious

10:09AM - Pack Totem ideas

Personal Totem SuggestionsCollapse )</>


all current members may now post.

7:18AM - OOC - First Rumors post

OOC Rumors: Babies are delicious. The donut rule now applies to babies.

Reference - Donut rule. 1 xp for bringing donuts IF the donuts are consumed over the course of game. Waste is not tolerated.



files will likely be stored here.

*Special thanks to Mr. Ewanyk for the chart.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


With the purchasing of the book "Faith and Fire" I have found almost all of the rules supplements I want to use. Now instead of publishing the entirety of the rules from scratch, I will list the pages and books for the rules here, with clarifications and addenda as necessary.

A snag was hit in my life, as such I do not have the Character Creation rules published that I wish to use. Before Tuesday however, I will have some here.

There will not be a game Friday as I had anticipated, however... the games will be running every other Friday after that.

If you speak to these folks more often than I, please relay this message to them...

Steve N.

Monday, March 7, 2005

10:56AM - Static Tests, Some Combat Stuff

Static Tests are against the following traits Unless otherwise noted...

for a Rank 1 Gift: against 5 traits
for a Rank 2 Gift: against 7 traits
for a Rank 3 Gift: against 8 traits
for a Rank 4 Gift: against 9 traits
for a Rank 5 Gift: against 10 traits
for a Rank 6 Gift: against 11 traits

for a Basic Rite: against 6 traits
for a Intermediate Rite: against 8 traits
for a Advanced Rite: against 9 traits
for a Legendary Rite: against 10 traits

(up for debate and general discussion)


Old Combat Rules - Revision coming soon...

Read more...Collapse )

Sunday, March 6, 2005

2:32PM - Step and Trait modifiers for the various forms.

Here we go round the mullberry bush.

step modifiers for forms
Glabro +1 to base = 4 step "form movement"
Crinos +2 to base = 5 step "form movement"
Hispo +3 to base = 6 step "form movement"
Lupus +2 to base = 5 step "form movement"

all modifiers get added or subtracted from base movement to get a movement action total

example: Bob is lame. Aside from Bob being lame in real life, Bob's character has the Lame Flaw on his Character Sheet. Bob's Character is in Hispo. Bob starts with 3 Steps for Base Movement. Bob adds 3 for Hispo form. Bob subtracts 2 for Lame. Bob's Character has 4 Steps per Action when he is in Hispo. All-Out-Run gets applied after these totals are summed up as All-Out-Run is a Movement Action unto itself.

When your Character is in Glabro form they are considered to have an 3 Trait Bonus to all Physical Challanges.
When your Character is in Crinos form they are considered to have an 8 Trait Bonus to all Physical Challanges.
When your Character is in Hispo form they are considered to have an 6 Trait Bonus to all Physical Challanges.
When your Character is in Lupus form they are considered to have an 4 Trait Bonus to all Physical Challanges.

Saturday, March 5, 2005

3:34AM - What being an ST/GM means to me...

All are bound by the rules. Even and especially the ST.
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Current mood: discontent

Friday, March 4, 2005

8:48AM - Diagnostics/Health Levels/Linguistics/Rage Bounce

Fuck White-Wolf. White-Wolf is Clownshoes.

Read "Diagnosis" (LotW:R P.71) as "Diagnostics" as per LotW:R P.141.

Things like this are why I am almost completely overhauling the LARP system.

...as another example, LotW:2 P.53 Second Bullet. (Thank you Berardi)

Health Levels will probably be Thus...Collapse )

Linguistics (because I can)Collapse )

12:52AM - Lame, Oratory, All-Out-Run

Lame is a 3 Trait Flaw which makes your character 2 Steps down on all movement in all forms. Apply this before all-out-run.

All-out-run doubles your steps. You do not get an Action aside from moving and your free oratory as this replaces your Combat Action.

Each character gets 1 free oratory Action per round.

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